Work in Progress: Portal Quest

A month or so ago I announced on my Facebook page a few stories I was working on.  I wanted to briefly elaborate the girl on a portal quest.

The idea of a portal quest is enticing.  I remember my sister and I would play in our house looking for secret passages or hidden doorways to other worlds.  This was before we could read or had any knowledge of Narnia or Tarabithia.  However, hoping for the chance to be whisked away to a magical world was captivating. 

This brings me to Hazel, a little girl in mid-America.  Young and fearless, Hazel ends up spiraling into another realm to rescue her mother.  Full of adventures, strange landscapes, and odd characters, I hope to have Hazel's journey to another land remind us all of the adventures we had when we were children (or transport current young readers away on an adventure with Hazel).


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