The Power of Forgiveness

A classic atheist meme has made its rounds once again.

As usual, a whole host of people inserted their opinions. Most of these had to deal with the concept of God's forgiveness. However, these quips and analyses were incomplete. God's forgiveness is a subset of His power and glory.

If you are a Christian, you are well aware that humanity is mired in sin and disobedience. We're born this way. Each day we disobey God, even when we try otherwise. Since we commit these offenses towards God*, He alone has the power to absolve our sins. This is done through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His son.

How much power involves forgiveness? The Bible states that God will remember our sins no more (Heb 8:12). The meme plays to our sense of justice, that a child's murderer shouldn't receive the same ultimate reality as its victim. But justice belongs to God - our standard of justice should be measured against His definition, not ours. In this current life, we have a limited understanding of reality, and we cannot see the full picture God has painted for His glory.

What type of power is this that can allow a murder and his victim both into Paradise? It's the same type of power that promises to wipe every tear from our eyes (Rev 7:17). In this sense, God reverses time and undoes our offenses to Him and to one another. With the situation restored perfectly (the crime undone), there is no punishment to be made and no injustice that exists. We are then able to coexist and worship God perfectly in Heaven.

Such is the power of God's forgiveness.

*Sometimes, we commit sins against others. Either way, these sins still offend God.


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