Work in Progress: SciFi Parody

I have always been a fan of parodies.  Well-written parodies, that is.  From Space Balls to Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, it's fun to poke fun at some of the more serious things we revere.
Hence, I am announcing a Science Fiction parody.  This untitled series will study the lives of four individuals with a galactic war in the background.  Two masters of the Lifestream, opposite one another, are both assigned incompetent apprentices after their first ones meet untimely deaths.

Now, I know how parodies can go from funny to stupid.  Not funny stupid, either.  The Scary Movie franchise is a great example.  I do take great care as to write something for content's sake rather than writing to write.

Stay tuned for further updates.  I do plan on having this parody as a short "ten episode season."  And this Season One for free.


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