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Unpublishing My Firstborn

This past week I unpublished the three books in my Civil Tribulation Series. I had been wrestling with this idea for a few months and ultimately decided to pull the trigger. I realized this was the right thing to do, in part, for all the reasons  Expedition to Eden  author J. Manfred Weichsel said: I wrote most of these books when I was an undergraduate. This was before my first fiction sale, before I studied craft or prose or became an avid reader. My marketing was nonexistent for these books and I bet if you follow me on Twitter , you didn't even know I had self published three books. Collateral Damage changed everything. I'm currently working through the edits to this project. It will be the best thing I've written so far. And my biggest fear was that a reader would love Collateral Damage , pick up one from the  Civil Tribulation Series, and be disappointed with the product. With all that being said, I fully stand behind the story in the Civil