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A Spark in the Darkness Available Now

It is November 4th, which means that A Spark in the Darkness is available now on Amazon.  Both paperback and Kindle versions are available.  Also, feel free to check out my author page on Amazon as well.

Paperback version
Kindle version
Amazon Author Page:

Cover Reveal and Release Date

This is the cover of my forthcoming novel, A Spark in the Darkness.  It is a space opera involving the United States and a civil war with one of its planetary colonies.  I have set up a page specifically for the book here with the blurb.

The cover artist for my book is Nathan Crocker, and he can be located here.

But most importantly I have a release date for Spark!  Mark your calendars for Monday, November 4th!  Spark will be available both in paperback through Amazon and on the Kindle, for those of you that prefer the electronic route.  I will keep this updated as the date gets nearer and post links to the books when they are available.


Welcome to the official author website of Adam S. Furman.  While there is not much on the website right now, there will be in the coming weeks.  My first novel, A Spark in the Darkness, will be released in late October or early November (exact date coming soon).

In order to stay updated, visit this site frequently or a better suggestion I would say is follow me on Twitter (link at the end of this post).  A Facebook page will be coming soon as well.