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Collateral Damage

Short Stories:

"Sophia's Revenge" on Wattpad.

"Collateral Damage" in Broadswords & Blasters Vol. 6

"Olympian Six" in Broadswords & Blasters Vol. 9

"Rosetta" in Pulp Modern Vol. 2 Issue 4

"Impact" in Alien Dimensions #18

"Service with a Smile" in Econoclash Review Issue 5


"Protected Class" in Dark Moments

"Consume Consume Consume" in Dark Drabbles Book 1: Worlds

"Sanctify" in Dark Drabbles Book 2: Angels

"Stolen" in Dark Drabbles Book 3: Monsters

"Another Presence" in Dark Drabbles Book 4: Beyond

"First Job" in Dark Moments

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