Civil Tribulation Series

The Civil Tribulation series follows Ishmael Harrison on his quest to avenge his brother, Grant, who was betrayed and murdered at the hands of the enemy.  See below for descriptions for the titles.  Titles can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

A Spark in the Darkness is the first volume of Civil Tribulation and a full-length novel:  

A supersoldier's death.  A brother's promise.

When Ishmael Harrison learns of the betrayal and murder of his brother, he enlists to fight.

The civil war on the American colony planet is going badly for the Union.  Will Ishmael find peace?  Or will Ishmael end up being another casualty, just like his brother?

Tales from Crusader One is the second volume of Civil Tribulation, comprised of a collection of short stories following Ishmael and the Crusader team: 

Danger.  Progress.  Fatigue.

The Americans have rallied behind a few victories.  And the Crusader team is down on member.

With a strategic plan, the Americans hope to form alliances, shore up defenses, and soften the enemy.  But the missions are risky, and the threats from the enemy remain at the forefront.

Can Ishmael and the Crusaders advance?  Or will the Claw war machine overtake them?

Squall of the Fates is the third volume of Civil Tribulation, a full-length novel: 

A Decisive Victory.  A General in Danger.

The Crusaders have sparked the ire of the Supreme Overlord and his Juxtas.  Ishmael feels the war closing in on him, opening old wounds and instilling doubts.  Earth isn't immune to the conflict, either.  Even so, Ishmael maintains focus on the Supreme Overlord.  But revenge is blinding, and Ishmael is tiring.

How long can Ishmael last with a target on his backAnd what does Earth stand to gain opposing the Supreme Overlord?

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